June 21st, 2009

Kitchen Curtains

Dressing up your kitchen window with curtains can be very fun. With an unlimited number of colors and styles you can mix and match. Before you shop for kitchen curtains you have to have an idea of what kind of theme you want for your kitchen. I will talk about a few of the most common styles that are available in most department stores.

Having beautiful window dressing creates a very welcoming atmosphere.  It could be fun when you have a friend over for a cup of coffee. Since it is the only dressing the kitchen needs then should be picky with the choice you make, your kitchen deserves it. It’s what you will wake up to every morning, so start your day out with something cheery.

The first style I will talk about is the valance only. The valance goes along the top of the window leaving the whole window bare. The valance offers you no privacy whatsoever. You can have this if your window faces a very private area where no one can see you in your home. If this is what you are looking for than you’ll have lots of sunlight coming in and there are different versions of valances to pick from

If you are looking for lots of sunlight or not interested in kitchen curtains but your kitchen is located in an area where you need privacy then you need café style curtains. Café style curtains got it’s name from the style they use in cafes. This style covers only the bottom half of the window leaving the top half bare. This allows complete privacy from people passing by yet allows lots of sunlight. Café style kitchen curtains came in numerous colors and can be very chic.

Remember when choosing the colors for your curtains you either want your curtains to stand out loud by choosing a fancy decoration or simply blend in. You can make your curtains be the center of attention by picking a bright color or something with lots of decoration.

To blend in with the kitchen you should have light colors or simply just sheer white with soft designs if at all.

The most common kitchen curtains that you can find anywhere in any color is the traditional set. You’ll need two separate curtain rods for this set. The top is a valance. Sometimes it has swag. The swag is the extra fabric that sometimes hangs from the sides of the valance. The second piece of the set is called the tier. Like café style it conceals the bottom half of the window. This set comes in an unlimited range of colors decorations and fabrics.

Now that you know the names of the curtain styles, it’s time to choose the curtain rod or pole. There are plain simple rods and there are also fancier ones. If you like the appearance of wood, there are also rods made from wood.

Shopping for kitchen curtains and customizing your window dressing doesn’t take a lot of effort. Making the right choices of style and colors will be very rewarding when dressing your window with beautiful kitchen curtains.

cafe style

cafe style

Valance alone

Valance alone